What to Expect on First Visit

Office Procedures for New Patients

The care process at the time of the initial visit to our office consists of the following basic procedures:

  •  Personal Health Information (paper work):

As in any office there will be some forms to be filled out and signatures obtained right after checking in with the receptionist.  (Please click on Patient Forms, then download, print and complete the form(s) prior to arriving at the office to help shorten your appointment time.  Complete both forms if your condition is related to an injury/accident.)

  • Consultation:

Next Dr. Dennis J. Miller will personally sit down with you to privately discuss your symptoms/complaints, condition, health status/concerns and history of any injuries or illnesses.

  • Examination:

An examination will be performed by Dr. Dennis J. Miller to better determine the nature of your condition, complaints and current health status.  The examination consist of various specialized Orthopedic, Neurologic, Chiropractic and Physiologic tests.

  • Spinal X-Rays:

Because the condition and alignment of your spine/skeleton is paramount to being healthy, the best way to see and understand spinal problems is through chiropractic spinal x-ray studies.  X-rays are also necessary for ruling out fracture, pathology and/or disease.  If you have recent x-rays from another source, we will try to use them without taking additional films.  If so, please bring them with you on your first visit, if at all possible.  If you cannot obtain them prior to your first visit, we can have you sign a release form and request them for you.  For women who are currently pregnant or possibly pregnant, we will delay performing any x-ray studies until it is confirmed that you are otherwise.

  • Treatment:

Depending on the initial findings and the urgency for immediate care, treatment may be provided that same day.  Otherwise, if urgent care is not warranted at the time, treatment will occur after Dr. Dennis J. Miller has had time to analyze/correlate the findings from the examination and x-ray studies.

  • Report of Findings:

After all of the above has been completed, an appointment for a "Report of Findings" will be scheduled as soon as possible (usually within the next one to two days).  The report of findings visit is the most important and informative visit.  Friends and family are not only welcome, but encouraged to accompany you on this visit.   Dr. Dennis J. Miller will discuss the basics of correct spinal alignment, health and chiropractic, as well as all important spinal care instructions.  Dr. Dennis J. Miller will then explain the findings/results while also showing you the x-rays taken of your spine.  Based on the findings, Dr. Dennis J. Miller will then make a recommendation for a course of care/treatment and/or make a referral to another healthcare specialty, if indicated.

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