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Our office is a family practice. Not only do we treat families for a variety of health related issues but we also work as a family. Dr. Dennis and Dr. Greg are a father and son team. Although, they are not the only chiropractors in the family. Dr. Dennis is married to Dr. Carol, whom he met at Palmer College of Chiropractic and married in 1976. Dr. Dennis' father was the first in a whole line of chiropractors (as well as serving as an Iowa State Senator) along with an uncle and aunt who practiced in Michigan. Dr. Dennis has a brother, sister, brother-in-law, and niece all practicing chiropractic in Iowa. He also has another niece practicing chiropractic in Alaska. Dr. Carol's family is also full of chiropractors. All three of her brothers and a sister-in-law are chiropractors and many of Dr. Carol's nieces and nephews are chiropractors. Dr. Greg is, therefore, a third generation chiropractor with roughly 22 fellow chiropractors in his family practicing all over the country. It is safe to say that our family is WELL-ADJUSTED.

Dr. Dennis Miller

Dr. Dennis J. Miller grew up in Burlington, Iowa. After completing elementary and high school there, he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic located in Davenport, Iowa and graduated with honors, magna cum laude, in 1976. He obtained chiropractic licenses in California and Colorado. After getting his California license, Dr. Miller practiced chiropractic as an associate with another chiropractor in San Carlos, California and then opened is own office in Dublin, California in 1978. Over these many years Dr. Miller has been an active member of several organizations: International Chiropractors Association, International Chiropractors Association of California, Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club of Dublin, Parent Teachers Association, Boy Scouts of America, San Ramon Soccer and San Ramon Little League. Current interests include: hunting, fishing, scuba diving, traveling and golf when possible.

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