Who is your family chiropractor?
Most likely you have a family dentist, a family pediatrician, a family physician, etc. to take care of your teeth, children and medical conditions but what about your spine and nervous system.  Chiropractors care about your spine and nerves and what can happen if problems are left untreated.  Nerves control all of your body functions and if your spine is out of alignment and neglected can cause scoliosis, deformity and premature degeneration of the joints and discs.  Everyone should have a family chiropractor in order to stay healthy and keep their loved ones healthy as well.

Do you treat infants and children?
Yes, infants and children can become subluxated from a difficult birth process or from falls off of a bed, chair or changing table, while learning to walk or while just playing.  Sports injuries are another major cause of spinal misalignment/subluxation in developing children.  Often infants and children don't complain of neck and back pain but have symptoms such as headaches, ear infections, sinus problems, sore throats, upset stomachs or bowel/bladder problems because of nerve interference associated with spinal misalignment/subluxations.

Should my spouse attend the appointment for my Report of Findings/Orientation?
Yes, that way both of you will better understand what is wrong and what needs to be done to help you get better.

If I am pregnant, do I need spinal x-rays?
No, while you are pregnant it is not advisable to be exposed to x-rays.  Chiropractic care is very important when women are pregnant in order to prevent back pain, sciatica, back labor and to provide for an easier delivery.  We will perform a physical examination and try to use any previous x-rays (if available) to treat your spine to the best of our ability.  We will then take spinal x-rays after the delivery to better know and understand the nature of your condition.  This is particularly important if you are planning on having more children.

Are spinal x-rays necessary?
Yes, in most cases they are (unless you are pregnant).  Spinal x-rays are necessary in order to understand the true nature of the problem.  It is important to be able to visualize the alignment of the vertebrae, determine the condition of the discs, the condition of the bones and to rule out possible pathology, abnormality and/or disease.

Will I get a treatment/spinal adjustment on my initial visit?
It depends upon the condition and what is found during the examination and spinal x-rays.  We prefer to analize/study the findings before administering any treatments if possible.

What is necessary to get the best results?
The way to get the best response to care and treatment is to keep regular appointments, follow recommendations, have good posture with standing sitting and sleeping, get proper exercise, eat a proper diet and have a positive mental attitude.  Getting healthy involves a joint effort of chiropractic care in the office and your personal home care program.

What is a Health Strategy and what are Health Goals?
This refers to your personal plan for getting and staying healthy.  Health is a lifestyle and something that we have to work at most of our lives.  We cannot abuse our bodies for years and then all of a sudden expect to change things overnight.

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